Subject Control Systems© was formed in 2002 as an answer to the need for a means of controlling people with the following objectives in mind:

• easy to learn
• control with minimum harm to the subject
• control with minimum effort regardless of size disparity
• easily to retain after long after course completion
• minimum number of movements needed (2) each accomplishing a variety of tasks
• techniques that are resistant to liability problems
• methods that enable users to more easily articulate justification of control
• methods & movements that are viewed by the public as ‘demonstrating restraint’
• utilization of the same methods & movements within all areas where control is needed, filling the gaps created by other systems today
• methods & movements that are ‘principally based’ and adaptable to changing circumstances
• a system encompassing all aspects of control needed in a variety of business, military and law enforcement applications.

Subject Control Systems© is dedicated to bringing together for its customers customized comprehensive packages of skills and information to facilitate their needs. While the movements or techniques may be hundreds of years old, the application packaging is fresh and unique.

The ‘environments’ where control is needed created a multitude of challenges for Subject Control Systems©.

We are the Knights & Samurai of modern day, bound by valor, benevolence, rectitude, etiquette, truth, loyalty, & honor. These warriors of myth and legend are our lineage. They had codes of ethics, as do we. They enforced the kings law when not at war….but they trained for war, so that they may have peace. No one knows the pain of war like that of the soldier who has tasted fear, courage and blood….and no one appreciates peace like one that has experienced war.

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